Personal exhibition:

2019 “We come from childhood”, House of Art Workers, Vladimir

Selected collective exhibitions:

2022 Fearisart 

2022 Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2022 Museum of V.Vysotskiy, Moscow

2021 “Dostoevsky @ Bunin. Pro and contra ”Museum of Local Lore, Lipetsk

2021 “2020. New reality”  National Union of Pastelists, Moscow

2021 “Conversation with the Master” Grabar Restoration Center, Moscow

2021 “N. Gumilyov – poet, warrior, traveler” State Museum of A.S. Pushkin, Moscow

2021 “Childhood” , Omsk

2020 Dear Russian emigrant “Museum of Russian Art, Moscow

2020 Dedication to Bulgakov, Museum-Theater “Bulgakov House”, Moscow

2019 “Under the quiet plow of winter”, Tsvetaeva House-Museum, Moscow

2019 “The Artist and the World”, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow

2019 Russian Art Week, Sokolniki Exhibition Center, Moscow

2019 “Colors of Summer”, Exhibition Hall “Tushino”, Moscow

2019 “Inspiration of Maslovka”, Central House of Art Workers, Moscow

2017 “All facets of beauty”, Central House of Cinema, Moscow

Competitions, awards:

Winner in three nominations 2019 Russian Art Week, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Moscow

Paintings in the museum collections:

N. Gumilyov Museum ,  Bezhetsk, Russia

Paintings in private collections:

Russia, Spain, Holland, Belarus